Chris Stefanetti • Performance History/Discography

Select performance credits:
  • Debut Smooth Jazz Album "Wires and Wood" Chris Stefanetti - composer, performer and producer.
  • You Tube Barry Uptons Beach Cafe "Crazy Luv"
  • Sandbar Smooth Jazz House Band - Thailand 2019
  • Rydsma Soriano Band - Thailand 2019
  • Caramel R&B Dance Band - Thailand 2019
  • Snowman Blues - Thailand 2018
  • Soulmates Party Band - 2018
  • Dave Fields Band - USA 2017/2018
  • Danny California Blues Allstars -Bangkok Thailand 2015/2016
  • Keith Nolans Cotton Mouth Blues Band -Bangkok Thailand 2015/2016
  • Danny California Blues Allstars featuring drummer Gerry Brown -Bangkok Thailand 2013
  • Mark Hollingsworth Smooth Jazz Artist -Los Angeles 2006
  • GRS Trio Feat. Walfredo Reyes Jr./Haakon Graf -Los Angeles 2006
  • Amalgatron -Los Angeles 2006
  • West Coast Music Productions -Los Angeles 2005
  • Hammer Smith Band (blues,R&B)-LA 2005
  • JP Cervoni and Belinda Skinner LA 2005
  • "Galane" at Catalina Bar Hollywood Feb 2005
  • Fields Music NYC 2005
  • Mark Harrison Quintent LA 2005
  • Phil Crosby Band (grandson of Bing Crosby) -Los Angeles 2005
  • Wayne Foster Entertainment -Los Angeles 2005
  • Bob Gail Events -Los Angeles 2005
  • Bongo Fury -Los Angeles 2005
  • Raw Silk R&B band -Los Angeles 2005
  • Leslie Lembo Productions -Los Angeles 2005
  • Confusion (Fusion band with Achilleas Diamantis) -Los Angeles 2005
  • Pasands Lounge House Band, with Peter Horvath, Tony Lindsey of Santana, Fred Ross and many others -San Francisco 1995-1997
  • Jules Broussard -San Francisco 1993-1997
  • Garth Weber Blues Band feat Mark Ford -San Francisco 1997
  • Secrets with Chris Camozzi and Walter Afanasieff -San Francisco 1984
  • The Magpies -San Francisco 1991
  • Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band 1985
  • Sha Na Na 1993
  • James Cotton Blues Band 1991
  • Passion and Grace (latin jazz) -San Francisco 1999
  • Napata Mero and the New Moon Band -San Francisco 1991-1997
  • Gelb Music Clinic with Carmen Appice -Redwood City, CA
  • Kay James Band -Boston
  • Brad Hatfield Productions -Boston
  • Shannon Greene Productions -San Francisco
  • Jynx -San Francisco
  • Full Faith and Credit Big Band -San Francisco
  • Cruel Shoes 1989 - Boston
  • The John Armstrong Show Band -Norwegian Cruise Lines 1987
  • Prime Two (jazz fusion) -San Francisco
  • Horn Blower Dining Yachts House Band 1991-94 -San Francisco
  • Prodigy Party Band -San Jose
  • Craig Sherwood Allstars -San Francisco
  • Joel Nelson Productions -San Jose
  • Liason -Boston
  • The Plants Studios -Sausalito, CA 1991
  • Marriots Great America Country Band 1981
  • Jump Street -Boston 1988
  • Cool Papa Sadler -San Francisco 1991
  • Korealla Motown Review -Boston
  • The God Sons -Boston
  • Tuxx -San Francisco
  • David Ladd and Video Jazz -San Francisco
  • A Little Night Music -San Francisco
  • Rodney Franklin
  • Rob Hart Trio -San Francisco
  • John Seppala Trio -San Francisco
  • Nordstroms Jazz Trio -San Francisco
  • The Dave Fields Band -NYC
  • The Juice -Boston/NYC
  • Big Bang Beat -San Francisco
  • Michelle Bastian Motown Band -Oakland
  • Tienne Tanner Band -NYC
  • Broderbund Software (various multimedia soundtracks) -Sausalito, Ca
  • Orchestra Peru (salsa) -San Francisco

Chris has worked with:
Tom Brechtlien, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Joey Heredia, Jenna Mammina, Rodney Franklin, GG Gonaway, Frank Martin, Steve Smith (with Full Faith and Credit Big Band), Hilary Jones, Billy Johnson of Santana, Bob Moses, Bill Spooner of "The Tubes", Stef Burns, JP Cervoni, Norbert Stachel, Alex Merzyn, Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band, Tony Lindsey of Santana, Scott "stuffy" Morris, Kit Walker.

Recordings as a leader:
Bassist, Producer and Engineer: Bassist and Composer:
  • Ben Colentanos "Jungle BeBop"
  • Ben Colentanos "Which way to America"
TV and Radio appearances:
  • Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band "NBC's Saturday Night Live" 1985
  • With fusion group "Liason" on WBCN radio, Boston, MA 1990
Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Production, Programing: LIVE VIDEOS
  • Dave Fields Band Live